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ENGAGEMENTS EBRO, of Spanish nationality with social located home in the street Tomás Edison (Pol. Cogullada) Zaragoza (Spain) is the regular of the database.

All the data facilitated through electronic forms and/or by means of electronic mail they will be treated with strict agreement confidentiality with the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Data of character personnel, and we inform him/her that you are entitled access to the file, rectification and cancellation of their data, being able to exercise such rights sending an application in writing to the address Tomás Edison (Pol. Cogullada) Zaragoza (Spain).

The requested data are the strictly necessary ones for the sender's correct identification and to carry out basic tasks of administration.

ENGAGEMENTS EBRO insists in its responsible and confidential use commitment of the data, guaranteeing that the data of the users will be about agreement with the legal demands, and that they will only be used by ENGAGEMENTS EBRO and the companies of its environment of services with the suitable purpose.

The procured data are the appropriate ones, pertinent and not excessive in connection with the environment and described purposes. The user will respond, anyway, of the truthfulness of the facilitated data, being reserved ENGAGEMENTS EBROthe right to exclude from the registered services to all user that has facilitated false data, without damage of the other actions that they proceed in Right. The sender's consent.

By means of the shipment of the existent forms in these pages web or by means of the shipment of an electronic mail message, the ready sender their consent to the automated treatment of the data included in the same one. Anyway, the facilitated data won't be surrender object at third.



Pol. Cogullada, C/ Tomás Edison, Agrupación Nido, naves 3 - 5 - Telf: 976 47 08 65 - Fax: 976 47 34 69 - 50014 Zaragoza ( España )

Engranajes Ebro. www.engranajesebro.com